Whole school performance.
- Storytelling.
- Didgeridoo accompanied by traditional and contemporary instruments.
- Singing traditional and contemporary songs.

$5.50 for each students for 1 hour Whole School performance.

Boomerang, Painting
Art (traditional and contemporary).

In this workshop students will experience traditional and contemporary art works.
Discuss the meaning of Aboriginal symbols.
Discuss traditional and contemporary art.
Each students will receive and paint a boomerang to keep.

$6.50 For each students paint it own boomerang.

Artifact making

- Uncle Greg Simms a local Aboriginal elder demonstrating the making of artifacts using wood.

$5.50 for each Students

Traditional weapons.

Students will experience "hand on" artifacts and view the use of weapons.

$5.50 for each Students

Each workshop is developed and adapted for school students from Preschool - Year 12.
We also offer a program suitable for TAFE and university students.

A minimum of 200 students is required.

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